Russian Assistance Center
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Welcome to Russian Assistance Center!

Starting from October 3rd 2012, in city Den Haag (the Hague), Russian Service Center (SC) has started its activity.

Russian Assistance Center

Our objective - to support and assist in proper preparation of administration and documentation, once applying to the consulate to process: passports, consular or other notarial acts.

Our mission - comprehensive assistance to citizens of Russia and other countries, present in the Netherlands, in full compliance with the laws of both countries.

We provide advice and assistance in shortest possible times, getting all required documents ready for submission to the Russian Consulate.

In addition, together with our partners, we provide legal and practical advice and assistance in a variety of possible difficult situations, faced by visiting tourists or permanent Dutch residents.

Starting from December 2012, SC will organize a meeting with the notary in a calendar week (on request - the number of places is limited).

Additional Information:

1. SC is an independent, incorporated under the laws of the Netherlands trade organization and not part of the Consular Department of the Russian Embassy in the Netherlands.

2. Russian Consulate has no financial relationships. Payments fees for various consular acts charged directly by the Russian Consulate, in strict compliance with the rates set by Russian law.

3. SC assists only in the preparation of the documents. Its submission to Russian Consulate, in accordance with Russian law, should be done only by the applicant in person.